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Agate Pass Cafe

      Have you ever had one of those days when you're just not sure where you put your keys? I have, but it wasn't my keys that disappeared, it was my phone. The fun part is that I had no idea my phone had escaped and was having a private adventure without me. A few weeks ago, I went to visit my sister Jessi up in Washington, and we took a journey up the peninsula to see our cousin Susanna. We started our drive with yummy coffee and a great podcast. It drizzled off and on, and I watched the rain streaks on my window and the green blur of passing trees.

     After a gorgeous drive, we arrived and drove straight to Susanna's restaurant, Agate Pass Cafe in Suquamish, where she greeted us with a glass of wine and fed us plates of her beautiful food. We relaxed and visited and the hours passed without it registering that I hadn't looked at my phone all day. I wasn't concerned about the fact that I was unable to locate it right then, I assumed it was tucked in my luggage. I soon realized after unpacking that it wasn't with me, and figured I had left it at my sister's house.  It wasn't until the next day that Jessi received a phone call from our sister Abigail in Colorado. Abigail apparently had been texting me, but someone else (stranger danger!) had been responding. Their text conversation went something like this. (Abigail) "Are you coming to see me?!" (fake me) "Hey, I just found this phone on the side of the road."(Abigail) "Oh, it's my sister's, she is visiting from California and I am in Colorado, is there any way you can meet up with her to return her phone to her?" Evidently I had left the phone on top of the car and we had toodled all over town before it slid off in a deserted intersection deep in Kingston the night before. My poor phone spent a lonely night in the rain and gravel until this nice human walking his dog stumbled upon it. So through a series of texts and calls we ended up connecting with Mr. Kindhearted CellphoneReturner and all was well. Except I had to add insult to injury and banish my phone to a bag of rice for the next 24 hours.

     The best part of this whole ridiculous story is that while the gripping drama of the escapee phone was unfolding, we happened to be back at the cafe with Susanna enjoying another delicious meal. While we were sitting and chatting, Susanna asked if I would be willing to show my photography in her restaurant. My response: Um, yes! So we sifted through some ideas and ended up selecting some of my favorite images to print on glass for the cafe. This was my first project printing large scale on glass and the photographs turned out incredibly beautiful. Win, win! Refugee phone rescued *relatively unharmed, and new exciting art project experience!

Here are a few pics of the pieces hanging in Susanna's restaurant, the one of me hanging the name plate was taken with my wandering phone, ha!

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