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powell's books

     It all started with a text to my sister Jessi, "Star Donuts?" The day before I had been introduced to a donut that forever changed my idea of a donut, in a good way. So naturally on the way home from Oregon City to Fircrest it was necessary to make a quick donut stop in Portland. Apparently everyone in Portland had the same idea. Arriving to see a line zig zag throughout the entire shop, uncertain of where the line started or ended, or if it ever ended, Jessi and I decided to give it a minute and walk around the city.

     We happened to end up at Powell's Books downtown, and as she and I walked past our reflections in the window, it dawned on us both to do a photo shoot inside. We asked for permission and wandered from row to row hoping to find the perfect light without the distraction of strangers in the background. We only had to dodge one curious on-looker who was pretending to read a book but kept looking over the spine with only his eyes to see if  Jessi was someone he should recognize. We gently changed our location and the fun began.

     Jessi was game. So when I asked her not to face me for a few of the first photographs, she didn't hesitate, but instead turned and I photographed the back of her head in front of a row of books. I found a stool and asked her to make slight adjustments, "Turn your head. Okay stop. 'Click.' A little more. Stop." And so on. This lasted for probably too long for comfort, but it made getting the shots I very much love possible.

     I don't know why it didn't occur to me to photograph Jessi in a bookstore before this shoot, but it is so very perfect for who she is and what she loves. Sometimes it just takes the pursuit of donuts in an amazing city with with an amazing sister to spark the most perfect idea. Here is the image from behind Jessi's head, after telling her to slightly turn to the left about thirty-two times. :)



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